About Us

The DRZ PRECISION TOOLINGS, INC. started on the mid of February 1995 as a small business firm, acquiring only few machines. It then had about 6 to 10 employees as preliminary members of the Production Line. The company undoubtedly faced the challenges and pressures having this kind of condition. There was no barrier for progress although the company was a small business unit.

The company procured additional equipments and hired employees that empowered the production and the product lines. This gave the company a competent level of status in the business.

Facing the new millenium, technological equipments and gadgets were introduced and brought into production processes. The company was able to acquire machines and equipments ran by computer controls that made the processes easier and more reliable than ever. These made a great help in yield output of the company. Thus, it increased the sales and profit. Accompanied with this progress was the expansion of the production area which gave the company a wider space for production line. But the company did not stop there. The management started to concentrate upgrading the quality system.

On the first quarter of the year 2003, the management looked for an organization that will help develop an effective quality management system – TUV RHEINLAND (PHILIPPINES). As preparation, selected employees were deployed to attend ISO seminars and workshops. Knowledge collected in these seminars became the tool to setup the pilot system. At first, it was difficult. Until we hired a consultant that will guide us through the whole processes. New systems arised, new documents were made, backyard system were changed, and additional teams for quality management were developed.

After almost 10 months of preparation, the day came when all hardships and sacrifices were tested – the TUV ISO 9001 : 2000 CERTIFICATION AUDIT. It is really though for a freshman company under the Quality System Certification Process. Despite the pressures,the requests of the TUV Auditors were apprehended and presented. Non-conformances of very minimum importance were sited.

The keen linger for the certification has finally bunged when the TUV CERTIFICATE was awarded a month after. All the sacrifices, hardships and tear dropping effort has created a fruitful result. Truly, DRZ PRECISION TOOLINGS, INC. is now ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED.

In the present, the company shall deem to adhere and continually improve a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Compliance to ISO 9001:2015 - a vow that shall be the stronghold of every company that envisioned to become highly competitive, like DRZ PRECISION TOOLINGS, INC.

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